Quote from BSHL: "Not least thanks to the pilot on board the accident rate in the German rivers has dropped to an absolute minimum, even though the traffic density steadily increased and the size of the ships has doubled in the last 20 years. Draft  and size of the vessels exhaust the fairways of to the utmost limits. Mostly reduced and  thereby often fatigued crews increasing the risk of accidents additional. To minimize these risks, foresight and judgment of  river knowledgeable, experienced and independent pilots are indispensable! "
A basic requirement of every sea pilot is reliability. As pilot aspirant - so called "trainee of pilot" only experienced captains or very experienced senior officers, which served many years at sea are authorized. In this profession the safety and efficiency of navigation at the seawater streets has the highest priority. The advice of the pilot is asked particularly in difficult and narrow fairways. He guides the ship safe due to his precise local knowledge, gained over time in his career experiences through all shoals and dangers. He helps the captain, with his ship - even under extreme weather conditions such as fog, blowing snow, storm and ice - safely to reach his destination. But he never takes over (with the exception of the Panama Canal)  the command of the ship. Sea pilots are in all weather condition in service - at day and also at night time. The pilot remains on board until the ship has reached its destination . That makes this job very interesting  but also very demanding.
But laws are one side of the story - but what is the manner of  the work of a sea pilot ?
We can try to explain the profession of a Sea Pilot on the basis of the German Pilot´s Law (Seelotsgesetz - SeeLG) :
§ 1: Pilot is, who advises as a maritime expert vessels after governmental approval on maritime waterways outside the ports or at sea. The Pilot is not part of the crew.
§ 23: (1) The sea pilot gives advises to the master and guides the ship. The advice can also be given by a pilot located on another vessel or at land.
(2) The captain remains  responsible for the ship even if he allows independent actions of sea pilots concerning  the navigation of the vessel.
(3) If more than one active sea pilot is on the vessel, the captain is advised only by one of them, the other sea pilot supports the first pilot. Prior commencing operations, the master shall be notified, who shall act as the advising pilot.
Many people have only a vague image of the profession  “Sea Pilot”. Therefore you can find a brief description of the duties and conditions the pilot´s job is mainly constituted.
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